Wednesday, March 02, 2005

To call it quits

Something close to my heart, and to others hearts as well, is the dream of telling your boss to shove it. To throw off the shackles of servitude and oppression and enter the world of government benefits.

Unlike others I actually don't mind my employer. You could say he and I share an understanding even though we rarely take a common stance on ... anything actually. Anyway it's not that I dislike working for my employer it's just that I need to see some sort of future direction. That's where I find myself now.

In a strange twist I was the sort of person at university who didn't do much and didn't really care about my future including where my career was going to take me. I had television and beer and at the time that was enough.

Call it maturity, call it being drunk through most of university, but I am considering now what I need to do so I can get where I want to go. So I'm now cursed with the decision regarding my future. Do I quit? Can I afford to quit? Is quitting the right thing to do? Will I still have PayTV if I quit? So many questions.

Because I love graphs and was really bored working on this doctor's work who makes too much money and invests said money in shady foreign investments (trust me it sounds more interesting than it is) I decided to graph my questions and then let excel determine my future path. Of course the doctor was still getting charged for my graphing which I justified on the basis that improved direction would result in increased productivity in the future. Anyway, the results spoke for themselves and the big bubble representing personal growth was higher on a relative basis to the bubble of current status quo.


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